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Basic Model Information

  • Manufacturer:
    TT Technologies / Tracto-Technik
  • Model:
    Grundodrill 25 N
  • Rig Size:
    50,001 - 100,000 lbs pullback

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Width 99" 2,510 mm
Max Flow 132 gpm 500 L/min
Height 102" 2,600 mm
Max Pressure 1378 psi 95 bar
Weight 39,683 lbs 18,000 kg
Type TD 82
Make and Model Deutz
Fuel Type Diesel
Max Speed 255 HP 190 kW
Thrust 55,078 lbs 245 kN
Max Spindle Torque 7,376 ft/lbs 10000 Nm
Pullback 55,078 lbs 245 kN
Max Spindle Speed 200 rpm 200 rpm
Torque 7,376 ft/lbs 10000 Nm
Rod Carrying Capacity 945' 288 m
Length 260" 6,600 mm

Additional Info

Machine weight is "with" Drill Rods.

Maximum upsizing diameter: less than or equal to 850 mm
Maximum pipe outer diameter: less than or equal to 650 mm
Maximum bore length: less than or equal to 500 m
Pilot Bore Diameter: 140 mm

Equipped with auto-bore: This reduces non-productive bore times as the operator has less routine functions to carry out and the drill rod retrieval is optimized by the required torque.

-190 kW (255 PS) Drive capacity
-10000 Nm torque for installing pipe diameters up to 500 mm (depending on soil)
-25 T Thrust and pulling force extremely long bores up to 650 m (depending on soil conditions)
-Additional percussive hammer
-Drill rod loading system for 288 m drill rods
-Comfortable operator seat with weight adjustment
-Comfortable cabin with coloured display
-Air conditioner, floor heater, separated front window, shade-lite glass, radio, CD-player, interior lighting, security system and displaceable roof, including bore data storage acc. DVGW GW 321 and fully automatic operation
-Anchoring hammer system
-500 l/min Bentonite HP pump

-Dimensions L x W x H [mm]: 6600 x 2510 x 2600
-Weight with rods [kg]: 19000
-Thrust [kN]: 245
-Pulling force [kN]: 245
-Motor Capacity [kW]: 190
-Maximum Torque [Nm]: 10000
-Maximum Spindle speed [rpm]: 200
-Maximum Upzising diameter [mm]: ≤ 850
-Maximum Pipe outer diameter [mm]: ≤ 650
-Maximum Bore length [m]: ≤ 500

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