1995 TT Technologies / Tracto-Technik Grundodrill 10 S TD

Overseas Directional Drill Package with Pipe, Mixer, Truck, and Locator! 10 267 hours.

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General Description:
Overseas 1995 TT Technologies / Tracto-Technik Grundodrill 10S Directional Drill:
-10267 hours

Locating System(s):
DigiTrak Eclipse.

Mixing System(s):
Mud Mixing Unit inside Truck (TUV; Recent MOT).

(50) Pipe with the machine:
-3 Meters
-150 ml of rods

Seller States:
-Equipment and Tools renewal 2.019/2.020
-Drive Chuck (2)
-Assemblies and Cutting Heads
-Tools for install pipe pof DN 315 mm

Recent Work/Modifications:
Seller States:
-Repair and overhaul of the machine's auxiliary motor.
-Renewed hydraulic system.
-Electrical system repaired.
-Complete engine overhaul and tune-up.
-Repair and fine-tuning of the hammer.

-13 Different jobs.
-Between 90 mm and 315 mm DN pipe.
-517 Total meters installed.

Additional Information:
Seller States:
-Pulling Force: 10 tonnes.
-Hydraulic engine.
-Mixer motor and pump.
-Sludge pump.
-Hydraulic unit-machine connection hoses.
-Complete machine Drill 10S.

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