2013 Vermeer D9x13 Series II

Comes with (30) pieces of Drill Pipe, Falcon Locating System and Equipment Trailer! 4 634 hours.

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General Description:
2013 Vermeer D9x13 Series II Directional Drill:
-4,634 hours

Locating System(s):
DigiTrak Falcon 1 Locating system.

(30) Pieces of Drill Pipe.

Equipment Trailer.

Drill Head with Duck Bill included.

Additional Information:
NOT INCLUDED - Seller has the following items available at an additional cost:

-2008 Vermeer MX125 Mud Mixing System with Honda Pump on a 2007 Belshe Flatbed Equipment Trailer.
-2022 DigiTrak Falcon F1 Locator.
-2017 DigiTrak Falcon F2 Locating Equipment Package.
-(40) Drill Rods.
-DigiTrak Falcon F5 and Aurora.
-2019 Vermeer D20x22 S3 Directional Drill.
-2017 Vermeer D20x22 S3 Directional Drill.


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