2013 Herrenknecht HK400M

Overseas 2013 HK400M Directional Drilling Package!


General Description:
2013 Herrenknecht HK400M Directional Drilling Package.

Recent Work/Modifications:
Seller States:

Following Parts installed NEW in the last few months:

-(2) Rotation Motors "Gold Edition" for 140 kNm torque
-(2) Rotation Pumps for new design torque system
-(1) Gearbox to suit new design measure bolt pin
-(1) NEW Type bigger OD measure bolt
-(1) Deutz Engines in Power Pack 2 (old stays as spare)
-Set of New Hydraulic Hoses and Couplings
-All oil and liquids (including gearbox) and filters have been changed (setup included spare kit)

-One Crew only has maintained this rig with confirmed reports and inspections.

-Herrenknecht service and maintenance during guarantee and after guarantee period.

-Rig in perfect running condition.

-Ready for New Drilling Season.

Additional Information:

-With 20' Control Cabin and 1 x 2013 Power Pack (480 KW)
-Pull force: 4000 kN
-Pullback: 881 849
-Rotary Drive Torque: 140 000 Nm (new design and installed new rotation pumps and motors to handle this torque)
-Travel speed of carriage: 0 - 40 m/min
-Modular design with 3 modules
-Range II Drill Pipe Compatible

-Control Cabin with air condition and additional independent Honeywell
-Data logger system with LCD Monitor for online data
-Side entry sub (easy and simple to operate, no standby for repair the reel)
-Breakout Unit travel on full range of rig bed (with casing mode operated from drillers cabin - breakout travels with carriage after switching it on)
-Mud Swivel Ø4" (Rotaflow ) and optional 3" as spare
-Manual Control of main functions of the Rig
-Two Power-Packs (whereas the Rig can be run also with just one Power-Pack with same pullback and torque, just slower speed)
-Heavy duty hydraulics cooling system with build it water's radiators
-High pressure hydraulics filtration system to prevent other element to be damaged in case of any hydraulic motion parts get broken
-Breakout Unit grip range 105-305 mm (with option to run up 305 mm threaded casing)
-Breakout torque 270,000 Nm (ready for use with 7-5/8" pipes)
-Operation and Maintenance Manual in Polish, German and English language, comes with electric and hydraulic diagrams in paper and digital versions
-CE Certificate
-CCTV Camera System with built in recording
-CCTV Transmission pipeside camera with 3 km range transmission
-Built in 3x LCD screens for CCTV system
-Custom design furniture for steering engineer and for superitendent rooms
-Drillers cabin support frame-container for storage of hoses and as a extension for lifting driller position


Modular HDD rig with state of the art rack and pinion unit. Rig can be divided in three parts for transport. These parts can easily bolted together with stud bolts. All tools and lifting devices as a traverse and chains are scope of supply. Self-erecting with integrated hydraulic supports. Effective transportation and setup on site.

-Installed Power (2) x 480 kW
-Power transmission: Rack and Pinion
-Drilling Angle: 7 - 15 degrees
-Drill Pipe Length: 9500 mm
-Pipe Support System on mast: 2 No

-Year: 2013
-Carriage Push / Pull Force: 4000 kN
-Max Travelling Speed: 0- 40 m/min
-Hydraulic Motor with Break: 8 No
-Max Travel Distance: 11,460 mm

-Variable Rotation Speed left/right: 0- 60 rpm
-Torque: 140,000 Nm
-Hydraulic Motor with Break: 2 No
-Mud Swivel: 4 inch
-Drive Shaft Adjustment: 150 mm
-Drive Shaft Connection, pin: 6-5/8 "-FH
-Cable Winch System: Manual Side Entry Sub

-Year: 2013
-Clamp Grip Range: 105- 305 mm
-Max Breakout Torque: 270,000 Nm
-Max Make-up Torque: 185,000 Nm
-Twisting Angle: 30 degrees
-Max Travel Distance: 11,460 mm
-Hydraulic Drill Rod Support: yes

-Length: 17,796 mm
-Width: 3,200 mm
-Height: 6,457 mm
-Gross Weight: 45,000 kg

-Containers Supplied (20ft-used): 3 No
-Length: 6,096 mm
-Width: 2,440 mm
-Height: 2,590 mm

-Front Part with Break-Out Unit: 9,500 kg
-Middle Part with Carriage: 24,000 kg
-Rear Part with Erecting Unit: 8,600 kg

MANUAL CONTROL OF THE RIG: Control of the carriage by a separate control Box. Functions are e.g. for releasing the brakes of the carriage and rotary drive and control the movements by the potentiometer. Manual Control of the Break-out Unit directly at Break-out Unit itself.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM MODIFICATION MADE BY HERRENKNECHT: Additional optional water cooling system for hydraulic with h.p. filtering system. To prevent hydraulic system from overheating or continuous work in high temperature range (especially with 24/7 rig operation) Herrenkencht technical have developed a special external water cooling system with high pressure filtration which keeps hydraulic oil at top clean quality and low working temperature even in extreme weather and working conditions. This options are installed in both power packs.

HYDRAULIC SYSTEM MODIFICATION MADE BY HERRENKNECHT: CCTV system with recording and custom made furniture. To analyze, record and online view rig is equipped with CCTV system on board. Including pipeside camera with transmission system capable to transfer online signal up to 3 km.

2 POWER PACKS 480kW: Noise insulated diesel hydraulic power pack in standard 20 foot container.

-Manufacturer: Deutz
-Motor Type: TCD2015V08
-Installed Power:480 kW
-Nominal Speed: 2,100 rpm
-Fuel Tank: 1,000 L

-Carriage Drive Hydraulic Pump: 1 No
-Rotary Drive Hydraulic Pump: 1 No
-Oil Filtration and Cooling Pump : 1 No
-Oil Cleaning Filters: 10 micron
-Hydraulic Oil Tank: 700 L
-Oil Cooler Capacity: 70 kW
-Working Environment: -10°C / +55°C

-At 7 meters distance +/- 3dB(A): 80 dB(A)

-Length: 6,060 mm
-Width: 2,440 mm
-Height: 2,590 mm
-Gross Shipping Weight: 10,000 kg

CONTROL CABIN: Air-conditioned 20 foot container with protected windows. Ergonomic operator panel for rig control via 20 meter long electric cables. Separate compartment for surveyor/jobsite engineer.

-PLC / Visualization via 1 x 17" touch-screen monitor and 1 x 17" standard monitor

-For recording of all necessary drilling data

-Operator compartment

HEATING: Both Compartments

-Connection for external power supply
-Installed Electrical Power: 10 kW
-Supply Voltage: 400 V / 50 Hz

-Length: 6,060 mm
-Width: 2,440 mm
-Height: 2,430 mm
-Net Shipping Weight: 7,000 kg

Deutz TCD 2015 Engine Specifications can be found in the "Documents" section of the listing.

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